My research focuses on understanding basic phenomena arising in low-temperature, magnetized plasma sources. Aspects of these plasmas have proven challenging to study for decades, but with newer, sufficiently advanced approaches, we can now try to answer some questions:

  • what instabilities are involved in anomalous transport of particles, plasma self-organization and other features?
  • can we determine electron properties and dynamics reliably in challenging, low-density plasma environments?
  • how do we leverage experimental insights to advance theory and numerical simulations?

This research includes the development and application of  laser diagnostics, for the study of different plasma devices such as:

  • plasma thrusters, used for spacecraft propulsion and positioning of satellites, and their hollow cathodes, used for plume neutralization
  • planar magnetrons, commonly applied for plasma-assisted deposition
  • electron cyclotron resonance sources, which form a key stage in particle accelerators and are also relevant to spacecraft propulsion

I’m a researcher (Chargée de Recherche) of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), affiliated with ICARE (Institut de Combustion, Aérothermique, Réactivité et Environnement) in Orléans.